Podcast: Vets Against Insanity's Dr. Sarah Wooten

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This week we're thrilled to share the podcast with "Vets Against Insanity" card game co-creator, Dr. Sarah Wooten. Sarah sat down with Dr. Ernie Ward and Beckie Mossor, RVT at the recent Fetch dvm360 Conference in sunny San Diego and was joined via the magic of the internet by Dr. Cyndie Courtney.   Ernie and Beckie gave Sarah the better microphone, and apologize for the reverb and echo-y sound in this podcast (they were in a cavernous hall, but still, Ernie left a certain mic cord at home...3,000 miles away...and had to improvise. Cie la vie.). Sarah shares her story of becoming a veterinarian, confronting burnout, leaving the profession, her latest professional reinvention and invention of the game "Vets Against Insanity." Sarah and Ernie swap triathlon tales, Cyndie discusses veterinary mother-guilt and pressures of raising children, and Beckie tackles compassion fatigue and burnout in this wide-ranging and insightful conversation. You don't want to miss this one!  

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