Podcast: Pet Obesity, Finding your Passion, and Breaking Research News with University of Liverpool's Dr Alex German


This week we're joined by friend and colleague, Dr. Alex German from the University of Liverpool. Alex joins Drs. Ernie Ward and Cyndie Courtney, along with registered veterinary technician Beckie Mossor, to share his story of becoming a veterinarian, his experiences as a mixed animal practitioner, returning to academia to pursue his PhD and Internal Medicine Board Certification, and finding his passion in clinical research. Alex and Ernie discuss their combined efforts combating pet obesity, Cyndie prompts a discussion on weight bias, and Beckie relates the pressures veterinary nurses often encounter when dealing with pet obesity. The group discusses Alex's latest research publications, his work on dog and cat growth curves, and how these tools may help veterinarians prevent pet obesity. This is a wide-ranging conversation that touches on many issues veterinary professionals may struggle with during daily practice life. Do yourself a favor, and listen to this one all the way through!

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Contact Dr Alex German: ajgerman@liverpool.ac.uk

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