Dr. Ernie Ward has been an active television personality since 1999. Dr. Ernie began his television career as host of WWAY TV3’s (ABC) Pet Wise with Dr. Ward in 1999; appeared on Animal Planet’s hit reality show King of the Jungle in 2003 and served as the recurring “house vet” for the Rachael Ray Show 2007 to 2014.

Dr. Ward has been featured on the Today ShowGood Morning AmericaNBC Nightly News, CNN, Nightline, FOX News, and numerous talk and news shows. Dr. Ward brings passion, energy, and animal expertise to a wide variety of pet topics including obesity and nutrition, exercise and weight loss, behavior and animal welfare issues, medical technologies, and preventive medicine and surgery.

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How Hot Does It Get in a Parked Car? 

This informative and provocative video has been viewed nearly 2.5-million times, translated into several languages, and spawned many copycat videos, including one by PETA.  

How Cold Does It Get in a Dog House?

This compelling and dramatic video demonstrates how cold it really gets in a dog house during winter.  

YouTube Vlog

Dr. Ernie Ward hosts a popular YouTube channel and regularly vlogs. Here's a recent example:

"Veterinarian Dr. Ernie Ward addresses the recent "New York Magazine" "The Cut" parenting column that claims people who call themselves "pet parents" are "delusional." Dr. Ward discusses the controversy, similar terminology debates within the animal professions, and offers his solution to the dilemma." 

"Veterinarian Dr. Ernie shares why he became a veterinarian and how veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and veterinary support staff can find inspiration every day."

TV Appearances Highlights

Dr. Ward served as the resident "house-veterinarian" for the Rachael Ray Show from 2007-2014 an has appeared on the Today Show, Good Morning America, NBC Nightly News, Nightline, CNN, and many more.  


Dr. Ernie Ward on Nightline

Dr. Ward takes on hidden sugar in pet treats, high-calorie pet foods, and pet obesity on this ground-breaking Nightline expose. 

Good Morning America

Dr. Ernie discusses pet obesity, diet, and weight loss. 

Harry and Dr. Ernie September Surf Break 

Dr. Ernie and his surfing sidekick Harry enjoy some playful waves during a lunch break.