Project 25

Extend life expectancy of dogs and cats 25% by 2025.

  • How long do dogs and cats actually live?
  • How can we use advances in science and technology to help pets live longer, healthier, more vital lives?
  • How can technology enhance and augment the abilities of companion animals?

These are the basic questions that led me to create Project 25 in 2015. By combining the exciting convergences in biology, medical technology, biogenomics, artificial intelligence, and computing, I foresee a time in the near future when dogs and cats live to age 25 without pain and illness and possess capabilities far beyond what we think of as "pets" today. 

My Goal

My goal is to gather the brightest minds in veterinary science, life extension research, and technology with the single goal of enhancing and extending the life expectancy and abilities of dogs and cats. The purpose of Project 25 is to improve quality of life, decrease disease and pain, and elevate the way we interact and communicate with our pets. 

We Need Your Help

For nearly 25 years as a practicing veterinarian, I've struggled with the question of why don't pets live longer? We're on the cusp of answering that question with exciting medical and lifestyle interventions that will extend the time we have with our beloved companion animals. That's why we need you. 

If you're interested in helping improve the wellbeing of dogs, cats, and people, join Project 25. We're looking for bold and ambitious veterinary healthcare providers, scientists, and technology experts to innovate and execute solutions for aging pets and life extension strategies for animals. We need experienced corporations and laboratories, tech start-ups, and garage tinkerers who have a passion for helping animals.

But life extension is only the beginning...

We will soon be able to increase the time service, military, and police dogs can assist us. We will augment assistance animals' abilities through exoskeletons, wearable technologies, and onboard computing devices.

In the next decade, we'll be able to prevent disease, infections, and parasites through clever biogenomics and vaccines, transform diagnostic testing with next-gen noninvasive monitors, and even crack the communication barrier between man and animal. 

These dreams will only become a reality with your passion and brainpower. 

If these sorts of challenges inspire you, Project 25 is for you. We will connect you with like-minded individuals and teams with complementary skillsets and companies who can turn these dreams into reality. Don't delay... 2025 is rapidly approaching. 

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