Podcast: Why Mentoring Matters in the Veterinary Profession


Chances are, you’ve got plenty of people to thank for helping you attain the goal of working in the veterinary profession. Host veterinarians, Drs. Ernie Ward and Cyndie Courtney, along with registered veterinary technician, Beckie Mossor, share the tales of who mentored them, what mentoring means to them, and how you can become an effective mentor in your clinic. Dr. Ward frankly discusses why many veterinary clinics don’t hire high school students or participate in veterinary school externship programs. The panel shares the ways mentoring has positively impacted their lives and how to find — and become — the best mentor. Finally, the trio ask if virtual or online mentorship counts? What role does social media, internet, books, podcasts, and more play in shaping and developing our careers and professional lives? Join the conversation and share your thoughts on Facebook/VeterinaryViewfinder and Twitter @VetViewfinder.