2019 SAVMA Teaching Excellence Award Winner Dr. Kristen Messenger


This week we’re honored to be joined by the 2019 SAVMA Teaching Excellence Award Winner Kristen Messenger, DVM, PhD, DACVAA, DACVCP. Dr. Messenger is currently a pharmacology professor at the North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine. In this high-energy conversation, Kristen shares her own journey to becoming a veterinarian, the biggest challenges her students are facing, and the ways she’s working to improve the next generation of veterinarians. From student debt to social media, this is a conversation for any Viewfinder who wants to become a veterinarian, are currently in veterinary school, or have already graduated. It’s that good!

Dr. Messenger also co-hosts a podcast for her students, and you can hear a few samples here: 

Season 1, Episode 9: 

Special guest, former veterinary student, Dr. George Shaaf visits the podcast and talks about student perspectives and anesthetic risk; we talk about special laryngeal mask airway devices (V-gels).


Season 1, Episode 10: Special guest - Registered veterinary technician, with a specialty in anesthesia, Ami Gilkey. We discuss alfaxalone, the role of technicians in veterinary anesthesia; we discuss one of our favorite cases and how we manage them - septic abdomens.

Episode 11: Dr. Maria Killos joins  Kristen and Kate again to talk about our favorite emergencies and how we manage them - including goats, horses, uroabdomens; GDVs; "Louie the Fang" with a hemoabdomen (Kate's favorite case); pheochromocytomas (Dr. Killos' favorite); pacemakers; and a little bit on CPR. 


Episode 12: Dr. Alessio Vigani (anesthesiologist and criticalist) joins the podcast and we discuss CPR at length. And yes, there is (really bad) singing involved.