Veterinary Nurse Initiative Opposition Leader Liz Hughston, RVT


One of the most controversial topics in the veterinary profession during the past few years has been the Veterinary Nurse Initiative (VNI). What should veterinary technicians be called? What should their credentials be? And what responsibilities should they have? This week we’re pleased to sit down with one the VNI’s most vocal, and articulate, critics, Liz Hughston, RVT, VTS (SAIM, ECC). Liz has been a guest before, and this time she shares her disagreements with Mark Cushing, JD, the lead attorney for the VNI. Liz is an outstanding guest, and listen to find out why Dr. Ward said “every neural connection on this topic was blown” after listening to Liz’s cogent arguments. 

This is an AMAZING episode. PLEASE forgive us for Dr. Ward’s audio… he was traveling and wound up stuck in a very echoey corner of a random office for this recording! Thank you again, LIZ!

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