Self Care for Veterinary Professionals: What Really Works in the Real World

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Self-care is essential in resisting burnout, remaining positive, and restoring passion. This week hosts Dr. Ernie Ward and Beckie Mossor, RVT share their favorite personal self-care habits and hacks, how they deal with “self-care guilt,” and Dr. Ward reveals his favorite technology to help him optimize restorative sleep (and why he no longer calls it “recovery!”). The duo also dives into intermittent fasting (Dr. Ward “Yes,” Beckie “Maybe”), when is the best time to workout, and simple gratitude practices each use to, as Dr. Ward puts it, “Tilt toward optimism!” This is a fun conversation about a topic many recommend and advise, but few get real about. 

Viewfinders, let us know your favorite self-care hacks, how you deal with guilt, what are your favorite dietary habits? We want to hear from you, the BEST PODCAST FAMILY IN THE PODCASTER UNIVERSE!