Service Animal Shenanigans! Plane Bans, Fake Badges, and Snakes on a Plane: What's a Veterinary Professional Supposed to Do?


One of the most controversial pet travel topics these days is the designation of "emotional support animal” and "service animal." This week our trio, Drs. Ernie Ward & Cyndie Courtney, along with Beckie Mossor RVT, take to the skies, trains, and restaurants as they confront the perils of  emotional support animals. What is the difference between "service animal" and "emotional support dog?" Can you really buy "fake" service dog vests on Amazon? Who’s in charge of regulating and verifying “service animals?” Why did Delta recently ban "pit-bull breed" dogs as support companions? What role do veterinary professionals play in all of this? This is a must-share episode with ANYONE in the veterinary profession. 

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