Veterinary Technology, Telemedicine & App Pioneer Dr. Philippe Moreau


This week we meet an OG veterinary entrepreneur and innovator, Dr. Philippe Moreau from France. Dr. Moreau is double-boarded in Neurology and Internal Medicine, published author and award-winning speaker, serial entrepreneur, and has pioneered much of the technology, telemedicine, and apps that claim to be “new” today. Veterinarians Ernie Ward and Cyndie Courtney discuss Philippe’s story, his vision for telemedicine, and this latest innovation, My Buddy Pet App, an incredibly rich client education, appointment scheduler, and telemedicine app. This conversation covers Philippe’s 40-year career, and gives incredible insight into the mind of a true innovator and entrepreneur. 

Links discussed in podcast:

Videos and additional support materials:

-      VisioCare Suite (TV + Consult + Home) 

-      My Buddy Pet App for vets & staff 

-      My Buddy Pet App for pet owners 

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