Podcast: Mission Rabies w/ Dr. Luke Gamble & Jessie Foley, RVT

Mission Rabies with Dr. Luke Gamble & Jessie Foley, RVT

RABIES! Over 60,000 people die each year from this deadly zoonotic disease. On veterinarian, Dr. Luke Gamble from the U.K., is on a mission to eradicate rabies and save human and animal lives. This week hosts Dr. Ernie Ward and veterinary technician Beckie Mossor talk with Dr. Gamble about his group, Mission Rabies, and how veterinarians and veterinary nurses can help. Veterinary technician Jessie Foley discusses her recent participation in a Mission Rabies campaign in Malawi. If you’d like to learn more about the incredible work Mission Rabies is accomplishing, check out these sites:



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