Podcast: Developing Women Leaders in Veterinary Medicine with Dr. Karen Bradley

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Women are now the majority of practicing veterinarians in the U.S., yet our profession struggles to find women leaders. In this podcast, host veterinarians Ernie Ward and Cyndie Courtney,   and registered veterinary technician Beckie Mossor are joined by Dr. Karen Bradly, a pioneer in the movement to inspire and develop women leaders within the veterinary profession. Dr. Bradley shares her story of becoming a veterinarian, recounts her journey becoming an American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) officer, and what she’s doing to encourage a new generation of female leaders. Along the way, the quartet lament the way some women are treated by their peers when they attain prominence, what veterinary technicians can learn from the gender and generational shift occurring among veterinarians, and how to inspire change within the profession. This wide-ranging conversation is sure to motivate you to pursue greatness! 

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