"A leading voice in veterinary medicine, technology, nutrition,
and animal welfare."


Here's a sampling of the exciting projects Dr. Ernie Ward is currently involved with:

Pet Obesity Prevention

Dr. Ward founded the Association for Pet Obesity and Prevention (APOP) in 2005. Since then, APOP has become the authority for tracking pet obesity prevalence in the U.S. and the most trusted resource for pet obesity information. 

Veterinary innovation in technology and LIFESTYLE INITIATIVE 

Dr. Ward created this incentivized innovation contest to encourage technological solutions to the biggest problems animals face. Debut November 2016 with first challenges in 2017. To be a part of this competition as a sponsor or participant, click here

Project 25: Pet Longevity

Dr. Ward has a bold goal for the veterinary healthcare industry: Increase the average life expectancy of dogs and cats 25% by 2025. If you'd like to learn more, click here

The Grey Muzzle Organization:
Senior Pets

Dr. Ernie Ward is proud to serve on the Advisory Board for one of the premiere organizations dedicated to improving the lives of senior pets.


Dr. Ward founded the Paddle for Paws charity SUP race in 2013. It has expanded into three varying distance races, including "The Seadog," a unique eight-mile ocean and backwater SUP race that challenges even the most experienced paddlers. All proceeds benefit Rescue Animals Community Effort (R.A.C.E.), a North Carolina animal rescue organization that Dr. Ward serves as a Board member.