Podcast: AVMA Conference 2017 - Does Organized Veterinary Medicine Matter Anymore?

This week co-hosts veterinarian Dr. Cyndie Courtney and registered veterinary technician Beckie Mossor talk with Dr. Ernie Ward from the 2017 American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Annual Conference in Indianapolis, IN. The trio talk about new AVMA President Dr. Michael Topper, stagnant conference attendance, the new AVMA telemedicine guidelines and potential consequences of their lack of clarity, and controversies around opioid reporting legislation and medical marijuana usage in veterinary practice. The group also shares some cogent comments from a veterinary technician. Dr. Ward asks what can the AVMA do to remain relevant and encourage participation by young veterinarians and what role should veterinary technicians have in the future? Finally, the hosts offer their best advice for the AVMA and the future of the veterinary profession in a lively, wide-ranging discussion. Join the conversation and share your thoughts on Facebook/VeterinaryViewfinder and Twitter @VetViewfinder.